Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Philly Graffiti I know and Love!!!!!

So with the new blog I am taking it back to what I know and love, Hip Hop, kicks and graffiti!!!!
I found this AWESOME article about what makes Philly Artists, Philly Artists....WICKEDS, WIKEDS, WIKEDS.....If your a writer in Philly you have to come with some wikeds, triangle style and of course robotech!!!!!! My personal stuff will be posted later on today!!!!!!!!!!! 

In the meantime check this link out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The Erik Senders aka eDUB #4 Nike Air Force 1 BESPOKE...
The Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke takes the NikeID experience to the max. It allows the creator total creative design with the guidance of a Nike Consultant.

The Players...
The Creator- Myself, eDUB 
Nike Consultant- IZ

The Story behind the creation....

   Way back in March of 2008 Nike Air Jordan dropped the Levis pack and of course I copped it right away. The first thing I did when I bought  the pack was go through it. I checked the kicks first then moved on to the tshirt and finally the jeans. The first thing that caught my eye when I saw the jeans was the inside was all elephant print. I immediately had a smile from ear to ear. Elephant print is my favorite pattern of all time! So I did what I always do and put the pack back together and put it away in the closet. 
   Fast Forward to Dec. 2010. I had a friend who was selling a bunch of kicks from his collection.After searching about 50 or 60 pairs I came across the Levis Pack.  I knew right there that pack was mine. Luckily, he was more than fair with the price...So I grabbed my 2nd Levis Pack. Since it was so cold out I put the pack in my closet to break out when the weather was better. 
   Fast Forward to March 2010. I knew Sneakercon was coming up so I decided to go to NYC for a sneaker weekend. I would hit sneakercon as well as some other sneaker spots. I also decided to do another pair of Bespokes, my 4th pair. So I hit up IZ at 21 Mercer and made the appointment. The Thursday before the trip I started going through my kicks to decide what I would be taking with me. After going through my closet I saw one of the Levis Packs and ding!!! The idea popped in my head like a light bulb in a cartoon! I wanted to use the elephant print from the inside of the jeans on my new Bespokes. I immediately called IZ, told him my idea which he was more than happy to go along with.Saturday arrived and I attended an awesome sneakercon event and then hit some of my NYC sneaker spots, FCNY, DQM and Supreme. On Sunday it was time to do the Bespokes. And above is what came out of it. Just a quick description....I used the Levis elephant print on the the back logo tag and the inside of the sneaker. On the toe box, eyestay, swoosh and the foxing I used a smooth maroon leather. I also used a brass lace eyelets on the 3 lower lace eyelets just like the brass buttons on the Jordan\Levi's Jeans. And lastly on the back tag and the tongue lace holder I utilized the inside cuff on the bottom of the jeans(Thanks to IZ for that awesome idea). To top off the sneaker I rocked the stone sole with a gum outer sole! Damn I love a gum sole!!!! 

There you have it, my 4th Bespoke Installment. I hope you all appreciate the sneaker and enjoyed the storybehind the shoe....

Until next time... 

And by the way, that weekend I grabbed a pair of Air Jordan 11 Space Jams from my man Windy City Sole at Sneakercon, a pair of the Air Force 1 Chamber of Fear, Self Doubt (Cleveland) and lastly a pair of Air Moc's from 21 Mercer. So needless to say it was a sneaker lovers dream weekend!!! And the best part of the weekend had nothing to do with sneakers. It was spending the whole weekend with my family and our best friends. Our highlight was dinner at Sammy's Romanian Steakhouse on the Lower East Side!!! It just doesn't get any better than that!!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


please send us your videos, pictures and comments....we want to see it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#1 SON.....

LYRICSANDLACES is a movement created to celebrate all aspects of Hip Hop.
As we all know, Hip Hop has countless expressions. Some of the more notable facets are breakdancing, graffiti, sneakers and fashion. However, Hip Hop represents different things to different individuals. Thats the beauty of Hip Hop and the beauty of LYRICSANDLACES. You the people are the heartbeat of this LYRICSANDLACES. We want your videos, your photos, your thoughts and comments, whatever it is you want to display, please send it and we will post it. We also have an inhouse crew who will be posting stuff as well. So lets get it started. WELCOME TO THE LYRICSANDLACES MOVEMENT!!!!